You're gonna need a bigger boat.

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By: Richard Dreyfuss
From: Jaws
Genres: Cult Cinema | Horror

Richard Dreyfuss (who played Matt Hooper) says this to Roy Scheider (Chief Martin Brody) and Robert Shaw (Sam Quint), after seeing the size of the shark in Steven Spielberg's classic thriller Jaws (1975)

Jerry O’Connell added to body count of Piranha 3D

Following up on yesterday’s news about Jessica Szohr, Piranha 3D adds to its body count. EW reports that Jerry O’Connell has joined the cast of the film, which already includes Elisabeth Shue, Richard Dreyfuss and Adam Scott. According to reports, one reason the reboot has attracted such a high caliber of talent is French director …

Gossip Girl gets gobbled up by Piranha 3D

Dimension Films has confirmed that “Gossip Girl” Jessica Szohr, has joined previously announced cast members Elisabeth Shue, Richard Dreyfuss, Ving Rhames, Adam Scott and Dina Meyer in the upcoming film PIRANHA 3D. E Online broke the news earlier today, that Szohr will appear in the Alexandre Aja-directed remake of the cult classic horror film. As …

Explosive second trailer for Oliver Stone’s W

The second trailer for Oliver Stone’s George W. Bush biopic features the Talking Heads’ Once in a Lifetime, and fittingly. The new clips show some of the behind-the-scenes meetings that went in the White House just after 9/11, and the turmoil within the Bush family over the legacy of Bush senior. We also get glimpses …

Get a new MAC from Oliver Stone

The makers of the upcoming George W. Bush Biopic, filmmaker Oliver Stone and YouTube, have teamed up for a Film Mashup contest. It’s simple really. Just use the online tools over at Youtube to create a trailer mashup from W., with a maximum length of 10 minutes, and you could win The Ultimate Filmmaker Prize …