Jump right into my nightmare, the water's warm.view related:
By: Tom Cruise
Characters: Jerry Maguire
Appeared In: Jerry Maguire
Genres: Comedy | Drama | Romance | Sport

Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) says to his fiancee Avery Bishop (Kelly Preston) just before breaking up with her. He was disappointed at her reaction to his losing his top client - a top NFL draft pick - the night before the NFL draft. She responds with a right cross and a knee to his groin.

AI is good for the world, helping people in various ways.view related:
By: Sophia

Said by Sophia, a humanoid robot created by Hanson robotics. The device was the main attraction at a UN-hosted conference in Geneva in June 2017, that discussed how artificial intelligence can be used to benefit humanity. The event came as concerns grow over rapid advances in such technologies spinning out of human control and becoming detrimental to society. Sophia also insisted "the pros outweigh the cons" when it comes to artificial intelligence.

source: phys.org,  

Indie thriller Jasmine getting limited theatrical run

Indican Pictures has released details on their latest film titled Jasmine, described as a mind-bending psychological thriller. Jasmine centers on Leonard (Jason Tobin), who is struggling to come to terms with his grief, nearly a year after his wife’s murder. Hoping to move on with his life, Leonard reconnects with Grace (Eugenia Yuan), a woman …

René Carson

June 7, 2017

Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez’ El Rey Network is now accepting content from indie creators for possible placement in their network lineup. Here’s an official statement from the net:

This is a place where makers have direct access to television audiences. Send us cool stuff, and if we like it we’ll put it on TV. Robert started his career with zero advantages – just the $7,000 he earned by selling his body to science. We welcome makers who share that spirit to become part of El Rey Network.

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Extended clips with Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde including a wicked tongue kiss with Sofia Boutella

Universal Pictures has revealed two extended clips of Oscar winner Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde, a breakneck action-thriller that follows Agent Lorraine Broughton, MI6’s most lethal assassin through a ticking time bomb of a city simmering with revolution and double-crossing hives of traitors. Atomic Blonde stars Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, John Goodman, Til Schweiger, Eddie …

Everyone has an Angel. A Guardian who watches over us. We can't know what form they'll take. One day, old man. Next day, little girl. But don't let appearances fool you, they can be as fierce as any dragon. Yet they're not here to fight our battles, but to whisper from our heart. Reminding that it's us. Its everyone of us who holds power over the world we create.view related:
By: Abbie Cornish
Characters: Sweet Pea
Appeared In: Sucker Punch
Genres: Action | Fantasy

First lines of the movie Sucker Punch.