New trailer released for sexy female serial killer thriller She Wolf

Film Movement’s genre division Omnibus Entertainment is set to release the stark thriller She Wolf on DVD and Digital on March 19th, 2019. Fantastic Fest Official Selection She Wolf is helmed by Argentinian filmmaker Tamae Garateguy (Until You Untie Me, All Night Long) in Atmospheric Black and White.

She Wolf centers on a female serial killer who’s stalking the shadowy streets and underground subways of Buenos Aires. Capable of shifting between three manifestations of her inner self, this cunning seductress lures unwitting men to a night of unbridled ecstasy that ends in their blood-soaked demise. The trail of bodies she leaves behind threatens to lead the police to her door but the titular she-wolf is so lost in her fractured psyche that the threat to her own safety barely seems to register. But when one of her intended victims turns out to be an undercover police detective, her frantic escape leads her into the arms of a charming young drug dealer, whose love could provide the key to her salvation.

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