Tom Selleck from Terminal Island |

Are you dead when your brain stops working, or your heart stops beating?

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By: Tom Selleck
Characters: Dr. Norman Milford
From: Terminal Island
Genres: Action | Adventure | Exploitation

Tom Selleck (as Dr. Norman Milford), has a rare intimate conversation with fellow "inmate" Barbara Leigh (as Bunny Campbell), discussing life on the island prison known as Terminal Island. The 1973 exploitation film was directed by Stephanie Rothman, one of the few female moviemakers who specialized in low-budget drive-in exploitation fare during the 1960s and '70s.

John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson from Pulp Fiction |

Vincent Vega: In Paris, you can buy a beer in McDonald's. And you know what they call a "Quarter Pounder with Cheese" in Paris?

Jules Winnfield: What, they don't call it a "Quarter Pounder with Cheese?"

Vincent Vega: They got the metric system there, they wouldn't know what the fuck a "Quarter Pounder" is.

Jules Winnfield: What do they call it?

Vincent Vega: They call it a "Royale with Cheese..."

Jules Winnfield: "Royale with Cheese..."

Vincent Vega: That's right!

Jules Winnfield: What do they call a "Big MAC."

Vincent Vega: A "Big MAC's" a "Big MAC" only they call it "Le Big MAC."

Jules Winnfield: "Le Big MAC!" [laughs]. What do they call a "Whopper."

Vincent Vega: I don't know I didn't go into Burger King. You know what they put on French fries in Holland instead of ketchup?

Jules Winnfield: What?

Vincent Vega: Mayonnaise.

Jules Winnfield: God damn [Cringes]!

Vincent Vega: I seen'em do it, man, they fuckin' drown'em in that shit!

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By: John Travolta | Samuel L. Jackson
Characters: Jules Winnfield | Vincent Vega
From: Pulp Fiction
Genres: Action | Crime | Cult Cinema | Exploitation

The opening scene from Quentin Tarantino's cult classic Pulp Fiction. The conversation takes place between co-stars Samuel L. Jackson (as Jules Winnfield) and John Travolta (as Vincent Vega), just after the opening credits as the two men are driving to their current assignment.