City of Love (2023)

DVD Releases, Streaming/VOD Premiere | Dec 19, 2023

Freestyle Digital Media, Rotten Apple Entertainment

A twisted comedic thriller, City of Love follows a troubled ex-con, Spencer, who drives for a ridesharing company in Los Angeles after forging the registration of his old red Chevy. He tries to reconnect with the world he lost after spending 20 years in jail for murdering his stepfather, but the more he drives, a string of bad experiences with his passengers leaves him feeling only more disconnected. When he falls in love with a passenger whose life eerily resembles that of his late mother, Spencer goes to dangerous and unnecessary lengths to protect her. As the tension escalates, Spencer finds himself entangled in a web of danger, love, and the unexpected.

Directed by Los Angeles filmmaker Eric Boadella (Toastmaster, The Last Man On Earth), City of Love was co-written by Boadella and Sara Pattarini (Interview With Ted Larsson). The film’s cast includes Robert DeCesare (Subway Cafe, Monday Morning), Kathryn Schott (Farewell Mr. Baker, Whip Lord), Taylor Nichols (Metropolitan, Barcelona), Mario Tardón (Risen, The Promise), Daniel Reed Ferrell (Not Now, Look Mira), and Kristen Vaganos (General Hospital, Dating After College).