The Hills Have Eyes: Original Motion Picture Score [Soundtrack] Composed by Don Peake

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Original film score from the composer of People Under the Stairs and Knight Rider, Don Peake – The Hills Have Eyes: The Original Motion Picture Score.

The next one up in Hitchcock Media’s series of releases from Don Peake is his classic score to Wes Craven’s cult film “The Hills Have Eyes.” Assembled and produced by the composer himself, this album features the entire score and a specially added bonus: The track slates of the individual cues! These short communications between stage and booth make the listener feel as if he were right at the recording session. The score is very eerie, and you might want to keep the lights on… Excerpts from the liner notes by Don Peake: “In 1977, Wes Craven hired me to score a very dark horror film entitled “The Hills Have Eyes.” I was immediately struck with the brutality of the characters, and I decided to create a sparse and disturbing score, utilizing both acoustic instruments and a few experimental electronic instruments. I used “The Beam,” a long aluminum channel (about 10 feet), strung with a single wire. The player (Craig Huntley) would slide a piece of steel up the wire string, creating a long glissando. I also had the prop master deliver the bone necklaces that the actors wore in the movie, to the scoring stage. I used these bones as shakers for the chase scenes. The percussionists each had a necklace to play. Mike Lang played the wild piano part for the interior search of the trailer. The strange viola sound came from an old recording viola with a horn attached, played by Toni Marcus.”

Special Features

  • The track slates of the 27 individual scene cues


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