The Omicron Killer World Premiere, Panel and Free Signing at Laemmle Monica Film Center (2024) | Film Screenings, Panel Discussions, Signings, World Premieres | Feb 22, 2024

A copycat serial killer, killing his last victim on the anniversary of the death of the original killer, decides to retire from his life of murder. But his retirement doesn’t last for long. Attacked by vicious thugs, left severely wounded and hospitalized, The Omicron Killer returns, hellbent on vengeance as he embarks on a new ….

A Quiet Place: Day One (2024) | U.S. Theatrical Releases | Jun 28, 2024

A Quiet Place: Day One centers on the day earth was first attacked by aliens that forced everyone to go permanently quiet in order to survive. Directed by Michael Sarnoski, A Quiet Place: Day One stars Denis O’Hare, Djimon Hounsou, Joseph Quinn, Alex Wolff, Lupita Nyong’o, Cain Aiden, Jennifer Woodward, Jonathan Sparrow, Elijah Ungvary and ….

Immaculate (2024) | U.S. Theatrical Releases | Mar 22, 2024

Immaculate centers on Cecilia (Sydney Sweeney), a woman of devout faith who is welcomed into an illustrious convent located in the picture-perfect Italian countryside, where she is offered a new role. It soon becomes clear to Cecilia that her new home harbors dark and horrifying secrets.

History of Evil (2024) | Streaming/VOD Premiere | Feb 23, 2024

In the near future, war and corruption have plagued America and turned it into a theocratic police state. Against the oppression, ordinary citizens have formed a group called The Resistance. One such member, Alegre Dyer, breaks out of political prison and reunites with her husband Ron and daughter Daria. On the run from the militia, ….

The Human Trap (2024) | Streaming/VOD Premiere | Jan 11, 2024

Korean horror The Human Trap centers on a group of naïve teens whose hoped-for weekend outing turns into a deadly camping-trip-from-hell. The foursome are rounded up and taken to a makeshift medical lab where a deranged Christian “doctor” and his evil assistant plan shocking medical experiments on the kidnapped group. Infused with pitch black humor, ….