The Watchers (2024)

U.S. Theatrical Releases | Jun 7, 2024

Blinding Edge Pictures, Inimitable Pictures, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros.

The Watchers centers on a young artist who gets stranded in an extensive, immaculate forest in western Ireland. After finding shelter, the artist becomes trapped alongside three strangers, stalked by mysterious creatures each night. Directed by Ishana Shyamalan, The Watchers stars Dakota Fanning, Georgina Campbell, Olwen Fouéré, Siobhan Hewlett, Alistair Brammer, Hannah Howland, Seán T. Ó Meallaigh, Oliver Finnegan, Anthony Morris, Shane O’Regan, Jacob Greenway, Adam Ashford, Charles Mann, Emily Dargan, Jim Tighe, Charles Camrose, Hannah Dargan, Kya Brame, Diarmuid de Faoite, Eleanor Waldron and Cara Steele.