Sharktopus Original Soundtrack by Tom Heil (SYFY original movie)

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    The original soundtrack by Tom Heil for the SYFY original movie SHARKTOPUS.

    Part of the SyFy Channel’s seemingly endless parade of killer critters and mega monsters, SHARKTOPUS was unleashed in 2010, staking its claim as perhaps a new pinnacle in its series of original monster mashes. To score SHARKTOPUS, producer Roger Corman and director Declan O’Brien returned to composer Tom Hiel, who had already established a creative relationship after working together on ROCK MONSTER and CYCLOPS.

    Hiel’s score for SHARKTOPUS was produced using synthesizers and sampled symphonic WAVE files, which allowed the composer to closely replicate a live orchestral performance without the expense, emphasizing the synthesizer’s ability to create unique musical sounds. Living and working in the Los Angeles area, Tom Hiel is an award winning composer for film and television. Hiel is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he recorded and performed his original solo piano and synthesizer introspections at clubs, galleries and college campuses across the country. Hiel is best known for his underscore work for the television show, THE PRACTICE, for which he composed the music for 88 episodes from 2000 – 2004.

    Hiel was the recipient of the BMI Awards recognizing excellence in composing for film and television for the 2000 – 2001 and 2002 – 2003 seasons of THE PRACTICE. Hiel has also contributed additional music to feature films such as RED EYE and CURSED. His resume also includes additional music and orchestration for ANGEL EYES, THE DANGEROUS LIVES OF ALTAR BOYS, THE FIRST 20 MILLION and SCARY MOVIE 2, working with composer Marco Beltrami. He has also worked with composer Mark Mothersbaugh on GOOD BOY, RUGRATS GO TO PARIS and THE ADVENTURES OF ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE. Hiel has also composed for several independent films including the cult classic SWIMMING WITH SHARKS starring Kevin Spacey.