Win one of two copies of Planet Egypt on DVD

Today A+E Networks Home Entertainment released Planet Egypt on DVD, giving viewers a chance to explore the world’s first superpower. Egypt is the oldest and longest lasting civilization, and is profiled in this visually stunning new mini-series from History. To celebrate the release, FilmFetish is giving away 2 copies of the DVD set to readers.

In order to be entered the random Planet Egypt drawing:

I’ll be running the Planet Egypt contest through Friday, May 18th, 2012.

More about Planet Egypt

It was the world’s most important ancient civilization and lasted longer than any other. In Planet Egypt, a fascinating, four-hour miniseries, History explores the technology, culture, religion, wars and peace that unified Egypt for 3,000 years.

Through portraits of its most influential Pharaohs, Planet Egypt investigates Egypt’s incredible legacy: King Narmer, who united more than 40 regional tribes into the first Egyptian civilization; Thutmose III, who expanded and secured Egypt’s borders; Amnenhotep III and his revolutionary son Akhenaten, who attempted to break the power of the priests and reorganize the traditional role of religion; and Ramsses II, the great builder of temples and tombs who devoted his life to the cult of death. Threaded throughout are intimate details of typical Egyptian daily life. From feats of engineering and the most ambitious construction projects in history, to its obsession with life, death and immortality, the amazing story of ancient Egypt still astounds us today.

Format: 2 DVD Discs
Run time: 3 hours
DVD Release Date: April 17, 2012

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