Details on The Thing prequel story line, plus a new casting call


A scene from the 1982 John Carpenter film The Thing
A scene from the 1982 John Carpenter film The Thing

A very detailed casting call for director Matthijs Van Heijningen’s (Red Rain) Thing prequel has been posted on SpoilerTV.

The story line centers on a remote Antarctica outpost (presumably the Norwegian one that we last saw a dog being chased from by rifle-toting madmen in a helicopter), where an alien spaceship is discovered far beneath the ice. When a group of ambitious scientists decide to thaw out one of the creatures inside, they’re in for the terrifying fight of their lives.

The main characters in the new film are Kate Lloyd, a PhD student; Sander Halvorson, an NYU microbiologist; and Sam Carter, a helicopter pilot. The other main characters include Edvard Volner, the Norwegian geoscientist who discovers the crashed alien ship in the Antarctican crevasse, and his research team: Adam, Jonas, Juliette and Colin, along Sam’s co-pilot Derek.

Shooting is scheduled to commence this March north of the border, in Canada.

What The Things has going for it, is that it’s being produced by Strike Entertainment, the company that brought us the Dawn of the Dead remake, along with Children of Men and Flash of Genius. But will be interesting to see if even comes close to John Carpenter’s 1982 classic, which had the tagline:

Man is The Warmest Place to Hide.

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