Colic Trailer

A scene from Colic
A scene from Colic
I don’t come across a lot of Thai horror films, so I had to bring this one to everyone’s attention. Thai action flick Ong Bak goes down as one of the best recent overseas genre films, so I guess the country is riding that momentum, and going in some different directions and genres. Colic is apparently getting a lot of attention both in Thailand and overseas. Colic is about a syndrome found in infants which causes the infants continueously cry for hours. The reason behind this illness can vary, and some people even believe it’s probably a sign of something supernatural.

The movie tells a story of a couple who rush to a wedding when the wife is unexpectedly pregnant. To help her settle down after the wedding, she is brought to her mother-in-law’s house located in a rural area. The night before she is to deliver the child, she witnesses a fire. When the baby is delivered with a case ofColic, her doctor claims the ailment will disappear when the baby turns 3 to 6 months old.

Several months later, the baby won’t stop crying while the family begins to encounter mysterious and unexplained happenings.

The horror film is schedule for release in Thai theaters on July 13th. My guess is some studio here will buy the rights for a remake.

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