Sony Pictures is set to release Alexey Mizgirev’s historical epic thriller Duelist in theaters on December 2nd. The film centers on a professional duelist in 19th-century Russia, who has second thoughts about his profession after meeting the beautiful sister of a future opponent. This deceptively glossy production is set in 19th-century Czarist Russia. It focuses …

New trailer for historical epic thriller Duelist

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René Carson

October 20, 2016

AMC Television is currently streaming a batch of iconic martial arts films that inspired their own high-flying action series Into the Badlands. The movies are completely free for a limited time, with no login required to view them. The films include Shaolin, Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zen, Let the Bullets Fly, The Man From Nowhere, Tai Chi Zero and Tai Chi Hero.

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New documentary tells the story of the men that made Darth Vader a samurai and Clint Eastwood a fistful of dollars

Strand Releasing has revealed the trailer for the new documentary Mifune: The Last Samurai, a new film by Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Okazaki. The film explores the early life and accidental movie career of charismatic tough guy Toshiro Mifune, one of the true giants of world cinema and favorite go to actor for legendary filmmaker Akira …

When you pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud, too!

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By: Denzel Washington
Characters: Robert McCall
From: The Equalizer

Denzel Washington as Robert McCall says this to Marton Csokas' character Teddy, in Antoine Fuqua's film The Equalizer, based on the 1980's television series of the same name. McCall had just dispatched yet another group of Russian gangsters that Teddy had sent to kill him. The gangsters were sitting at a restaurant table eating with Teddy, describing how sure they were that they could "take care of him." The thugs get up to leave and moments later McCall enters the restaurant, sits at Teddy's table and gives him these words of wisdom... along with the bloodied sun glasses of one of the assassins.

Birth of the Dragon trailer featuring story of Bruce Lee's fight against Wong Jack Man racking up views

Last week Kylin Pictures and Groundswell Productions released the first trailer for Birth of the Dragon. The George Nolfi-directed film tells the story of Bruce Lee’s early life in San Francisco and his legendary no-holds-barred fight against Shaolin kung fu master Wong Jack Man. Since then, the trailer has received more than 3.7 million views …