Theatrical Screenings, Live Panels with Actors and Boxed Set Release Schedule for Documentary Enter the Clones of Bruce (2024)

Blu-ray Releases, Film Screening Series, Panel Discussions | Apr 10 - May 21, 2024

Severin Films and Alamo Drafthouse host a 21-market theatrical engagement of the documentary Enter the Clones of Bruce starting April 12, 2024 at Alamo Drafthouse in Los Angeles, California. Hong Kong actor Bruce Le, who appeared as one of the “clones” of Bruce Lee, is scheduled to make rare personal appearances at screenings in Los Angeles (April 12-14, 2024), San Francisco (April 16, 2024), Austin (April 18, 2024), and New York City (April 20-21, 2024), which also feature screenings of Bruceploitation classics, including The Dragon Lives Again, Enter the Game of Death, Ninja Strikes Back and The Challenge of the Tiger.

On May 21st, Severin Films releases the Blu-ray edition of Enter the Clones of Bruce, along with The Game of Clones: Bruceploitation Collection Volume 1, a 7-disc set featuring 12 of the very best films starring Bruce Li, Bruce Le, Dragon Lee, Bruce Liang and more, all restored for the first time ever from original elements. Game of Clones also includes Enter the Clones of Bruce, along with hours of specially produced extras and features.

Within hours of his 1974 funeral, Hong Kong movie studios began to produce hundreds of unauthorized biopics, spin-offs and rip-offs starring a competing roster of Bruce Lee lookalikes. Over the next decade, Bruceploitation would become a staple of global cinema. Director David Gregory – whose award-winning documentaries include Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island Of Dr. Moreau and Blood & Flesh: The Reel Life & Ghastly Death of Al Adamson – now examines this fascinating phenomenon via interviews with Bruce Li, Bruce Le, Bruce Liang and Dragon Lee; martial arts legends like Angela Mao, David Chiang, Phillip Ko and Sammo Hung; and the producers, directors, distributors and experts – along with copious clips from the films themselves – that for the first time reveal the history, controversy and legacy behind one of the most bizarre genres in movie history.

Theatrical Release Schedule for Enter the Clones of Bruce

  • *4/12 – 4/14 – Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA) + Enter the Game of Death (4/12), The Challenge of the Tiger (4/13), Ninja Strikes Back (4/14)
  • *4/16 – Alamo Drafthouse New Mission (San Francisco)
  • *4/18 – Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar (Austin, TX) + The Challenge of the Tiger
  • *4/20 – 4/21 – Alamo Drafthouse Lower Manhattan (NYC) + The Challenge of the Tiger
  • 4/10 – PhilaMOCA (Philadelphia, PA) + The Dragon Lives Again
  • 4/12 – Stray Cat Film Center (Kansas City, MO)
  • Week of 4/12 – Mayfair (Ottawa, ON)
  • 4/16 – Hollywood Theater (Portland, OR)
  • 4/18 – Roxy 14 (Santa Rosa, CA) + The Dragon Lives Again
  • 4/19 – Jengo’s Playhouse (Wilmington, NC)
  • 4/19 – 4/21 – Gateway Film Center (Columbus, OH)
  • Week of 4/26 – Grand Illusion (Seattle, WA) + The Dragon Lives Again

(*) Indicates screenings include live Q&A afterwards with Actor Bruce Le, Director David Gregory and Producers Michael Worth, Frank Djeng, and Vivian Wong.