Business Cards for Photographers and Videographers by Hit Pictures

Business Card Designs

Vintage Sorrows Creative Business Vertical Card
Climbing Round Filmmaker Photographer Videographer
Clear Cels Filmmaker Videographer Vertical Card
Papered Archive Lightning Fast Business Card
Papered Archive Joystick Business Card
Papered Archive Mechanical Gears Business Card
Papered Archive Film Photographer Business Card
Papered Archive Ideas Business Card
Single Eye Position 5 Business Card
Single Eye Position 4 Business Card
Single Eye Position 2 Business Card
Single Eye Position 1 Business Card
Film Spring Red Business Card
Film Spring Blue V.2 Business Card
Film Spring Blue Business Card
Film Spring Vers. 3 Business Card
Film Spring Vers. 2 Business Card
Global Grid Business Card
Digital Tale Blush Business Card
Shine A Light Business Card
Pink Glow Headshot Business Card
Green Glow Headshot Business Card
Flow Burst Red Focus Business Card
Grunge Path Business Card
Wave Essence Business Card

All Business Card Designs

A professional photographer captures photos for a session and image purchase fee, by salary or through the display, resale or use of those photographs. Photographers might be employees of a newspaper, or may go under contract to cover an event such as a wedding, graduation, opening or convention, or to illustrate an advertisement through the use of their photographs.

Fine art photographers are freelance artists, first capturing an image, and then licensing or making prints or giclées of the photograph for sale or display. Some workers, such as crime scene photographers, estate agents, journalists and scientists, make photographs as part of other jobs. Photographers who produce moving images rather than still pictures are called cinematographers, videographers or camera operators, depending on the commercial context or job position.

Hit Pictures business card designs are tailor-made for all types of professional photographers, as well as video and cinema professionals.