Opportunity for photographers to open new revenue streams

As many of you already know, in addition to my duties here as Executive Editor, I am a full time graphic designer and web developer. I recently designed a line of elegant comp cards, fan collectibles for influencers, actors & models, and business promotional materials. Our manufacturer has a wonderful affiliate program that allows for photographers to earn substantial revenue on referred orders. We offer many great benefits and since photographers work with our target market, I thought I would go even further with the program for this launch.

Here are just a few of the highlights of the program:

  • Completely free to join
  • You earn 15% on referred sales through tracked links (one of highest affiliate rates in the industry)
  • What you’re promoting are relevant products, so there is immediate buy-in for your clientele
  • You get a landing page with your logo branding included free
  • You get an online account where you can track earnings also included free

If you’re interested in signing up, I can get you up and running within 24 hours. I can also provide you with professionally designed graphics, sample blog post text, a marketing guide and much more, in order to get sales going right away.

Below are just a few examples of the customizable products available (and no, you will not need to work on anything, all the ordering is self-service for your customer base). Plus, you’ll be able to track every referred order, so you will see the growth, what’s popular, and what regions the most orders are coming from.

Ready to get started? Have some questions? Great, then email me your name, website, social links, email, phone number, and a good time to call you for more information at news@filmfetish.com.

All designs are drag-and-drop customizable using our vendor’s easy interface. So you don’t have to be involved in placing orders. The tracking code allows for you to promote online and get orders anywhere, which means there is unlimited growth potential!

I am updating this post with a graphic that explains how earning passive income with the program works.

Below are additional product options.