G opens in theaters on October 28th

This is part of an open call to drum up support for “G,” a new movie which  opens around the country on Friday October 28th. “G” is a contemporary  African-American romance inspired by the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald story  The Great Gatsby. This film was produced independently because Hollywood Studios chose to pass on it based on their belief that the African-American community would not show up to support a movie outside of the  stereotype-laden films which are frequently made. The producers of the film have set out to prove them wrong! “G” stars  Blair Underwood (L.A. Law, Madea’s Family Reunion), Richard T. Jones  (Collateral, Judging Amy) and Andre Royo (Shaft, The Wire) that shows people of color living in an upper-class setting and dealing with the trappings of money, fame and unrequited love. In portraying such a world, it celebrates the diversity of African-American culture, something which is sorely lacking among the usual entertainment film fare offered to this community.

In order for more movies of this nature to get made, we must demonstrate  that the African-American community will support them. The film opens Friday, October 28th around the country. It is up to everybody to get the message out there! Films like this should be made and it is about time that Hollywood takes notice. For more information about the movie and theater locations and advance ticket sales, go to 


Set amidst the grandeur of the ultra elite Hamptons, “G” follows self-made  millionaire and rap mogul Summer G (Richard T. Jones) on a journey to regain what he desires most – the love of his life (Chenoa Maxwell), now married to a wealthy and philandering Wallstreeter (Blair Underwood). Having built his thriving empire from the ground up, Summer G would relinquish it all for the promise of rekindling a romance with his one true love.

Urban music writer, Tre, (Andre Royo) spends the summer chronicling the  lifestyle of this complex rap mogul for an article on the rise of African-American prominence linked to Hip Hop in the Hamptons. Without malice or intent, this writer brings these lovers together while simultaneously pulling their worlds apart. “G” is directed by Christopher Scott Cherot, who made his directorial debut with the independent film “Hav Plenty,” and written by Cherot and Charles E. Drew, Jr.

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