New Documentary profiles one filmmaker who’s creating an action movie eco-system in his African community: Once Upon a Time in Uganda

Action and cult movie fans may be familiar with Ugandan filmmaker Isaac Nabwana and his vision of turning his community of Wakaliga, Uganda into a sort of Ugandan Hollywood, which he has dubbed “Wakaliwood.” It is there that former brick maker Nabwana has spent years crafting more than 40 action comedy films, some of which have reached cult status. Enlisting local volunteers as cast and crew, Nabwana has turned out such titles as Kapitano, Kung Fu Brothers, Who Killed Captain Alex, and Bad Black.

Co-directors Cathryne Czubek and Hugo Perez document how Nabwana has attempted to improve his community through filmmaking in the fun and inspirational documentary Once Upon a Time in Uganda.

Once Upon a Time in Uganda screened in November of 2021 during DOC NYC and more recently during the 2022 Glasgow Film Festival’s African Stories series, a collection of nine contemporary films celebrating the people, history and culture in some of the 54 countries in Africa.

Co-Directed and Co-Written by Cathryne Czubek and Hugo Perez, Once Upon a Time in Uganda also stars Asiimwe Apollo, Bukenya Charles, Bisaso Dauda, V.J. Emmie, Alan Hofmanis, Kizza Manshoor, Harriet Nabwana, Namutebi Ritah, and Kazibwe Ronald.

Check out the trailer for Once Upon a Time in Uganda, below, along with a partial filmography for Ugandan filmmaker Nabwana Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey.

Nabwana Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey Filmography

Ebola Hunter, Eaten Alive in Uganda, Operation Kakongoliro! The Ugandan Expendables, Killer Gala, Tiger Mafia, Isaak Ninja (2022), Kung Fu Brothers (2020), Boda Boda Killer: Ani yamutta (2019), Bruce U (2017), Bad Black (2016), Kapitano (2016), Million Dollar Kid (2016), Once a Soja: Agubiri the Gateman (2016), The Ivory Trap: Akanawuusu (2016), The Revenge (2015), Ejjini lye ntwetwe (2015), Crazy World (2014), Black (2012), Bukunja Tekunja Mitti: The Cannibals (2012), Rescue Team (2011), The Return of Uncle Benon (2011), Who Killed Captain Alex? (2010), Tebaatusasula (2010), Valentine: Satanic Day (2010), and Ekisa Butwa (2008).