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Hi, my name is Jay Sebring and I'm 35 years old. Now we've basically covered everything possible, and I wouls like to leave you with this closing thought. Sometimes when I feel glum and things look pretty dim, I remember it myself and that is for every positive action, there's an equal and positive reaction. And do in everything your best and to God, leave the rest.

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By: Jay Sebring
From: Jay Sebring...Cutting to the Truth
Genres: Biography | Drama

Trailblazing artist and A-list hairstylist Jay Sebring made the statement on archive video footage played at the end of Jay Sebring...Cutting to the Truth, a documentary centered on the victims who were murdered in 1969 along with actress Sharon Tate, by Manson family disciples. The footage seemed to have been originally created as a promotion for Sebring's hair design business, which focused on male celebrities in the Los Angeles area.

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