Influencers, actors and models now have a new toolkit for signings and appearances called Pop Culture Signables has partnered with Hit Pictures for a great new set of promotional products for influencers, actors, models, musicians, athletes and entertainers that attend fan events and signings. Pop Culture Signables are a series of easily customizable products that can enhance your next appearance. And unlike most branded products, our items do not need to ….

New digital comp card platform for actors and models that you should know about

In addition to my work here at and, I also develop code and media for use primarily by the entertainment industry. Recently, I launched an online platform for creating and maintaining your acting or modeling resume and the response has been very positive so far. A second section of the website contains a ….

New Documentary profiles one filmmaker who’s creating an action movie eco-system in his African community: Once Upon a Time in Uganda

Action and cult movie fans may be familiar with Ugandan filmmaker Isaac Nabwana and his vision of turning his community of Wakaliga, Uganda into a sort of Ugandan Hollywood, which he has dubbed “Wakaliwood.” It is there that former brick maker Nabwana has spent years crafting more than 40 action comedy films, some of which ….

Room 203 film review

Room 203, a tightly woven adaptation of a J-Horror novel by Nanami Kamon, begins innocuously with a young guy doing plaster repairs in an apartment for rent. What he finds inside of a hole in the wall – jokingly called a “glory hole” by his boss – is the setup for a slow burn thriller ….