New digital comp card platform for actors and models that you should know about

Hit Handouts

In addition to my work here at and, I also develop code and media for use primarily by the entertainment industry. Recently, I launched an online platform for creating and maintaining your acting or modeling resume and the response has been very positive so far. A second section of the website contains a series of digital comp cards that can be customized in minutes.

The project is called Hit Handouts and I wrote a press release that discusses parts of the project and below are links, if you’re interested in more information.

The world is quickly transitioning to digital communications. That means today more than ever before, business owners, salespeople, account executives, and event planners, along with deejays, artists, models and more, are communicating & marketing to their audience via text, email, websites and social media platforms. The handout hasn’t evolved with this digital transition. Most online flyers are merely digital representations of what is available in print format. However, digital media provides an incredible opportunity to leave a more lasting impression for a brand, event or business.

Hit Handouts – the original animated handouts – are short animated digital files that can be shared via these critically important methods, including: text, email, websites, social media and other platforms.

Hit Handouts give brands & businesses that rely on business cards, flyers and service menus a memorable way to leave an impression on their customers and business contacts. Most Hit Handouts also include a QR code, giving customers the ability to instantly get more information.

Don’t currently have a web presence? No problem. Every Hit Handout includes a free subscription to Hit Pictures Brand Pages, a customizable web page with sharing buttons that you can add a description of your brand. Your brand page can also act as a links center, with web addresses to your other web properties and social media accounts. You can easily customize your page with an animated banner, different title fonts and color scheme.

Have you ever wanted to include animation with your email marketing? With your animated handout, you can do that with every email. That’s because we also include a version of your handout that’s optimized for use an email signature.

See our currently available animated handouts at

Hit Handout orders include:

  • Three optimized digital versions of your animated handout: one for email & texting, one for social media, and one for use as an email signature
  • We’ll store your order on our server for download again and again, so you don’t have to worry about losing your phone or a computer crash