Kevin Conway from The Outer Limits |

If we create our children in our own image... then we only have ourselves to blame - for what they become.

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By: Kevin Conway
Characters: Control Voice (Narrator)
From: The Outer Limits
Genres: Action | Romance | Science Fiction

Season 4, Episode 26: An android capable of human emotions is damaged and escapes the laboratory of the company that created him in a fit of rage. The robot, a model Mac 27, kidnaps a secretary during his escape to assist him in making his own repairs to his body. The woman begins to develop feelings for him and attempts to convince the Mac 27 that he is more than the sum of his parts.

But things aren't all that they seem and because of his anger at the betrayal, the android decides that all humans are his enemy, leading to a catastrophic rebellion.

This quote is by the narrator at the end of the episode.