George DiCenzo from The Ninth Configuration |

One last thing sir. Stick a pinapple up your ass and pretend you're Hawaiian.

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By: George DiCenzo
Characters: Capt. Fairbanks
From: The Ninth Configuration
Genres: Comedy | Drama | Horror

George DiCenzo (as Capt. Fairbanks) said the line to Neville Brand (as Maj. Marvin Groper). The scene sets up the mental condition of a group army recruits at an institution.

Tom Selleck from Terminal Island |

Are you dead when your brain stops working, or your heart stops beating?

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By: Tom Selleck
Characters: Dr. Norman Milford
From: Terminal Island
Genres: Action | Adventure | Exploitation

Tom Selleck (as Dr. Norman Milford), has a rare intimate conversation with fellow "inmate" Barbara Leigh (as Bunny Campbell), discussing life on the island prison known as Terminal Island. The 1973 exploitation film was directed by Stephanie Rothman, one of the few female moviemakers who specialized in low-budget drive-in exploitation fare during the 1960s and '70s.

Bérénice Marlohe, Daniel Craig from Skyfall |

Sévérine: How much do you know about fear?

James Bond: All there is.

Sévérine: Not like this!

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By: Bérénice Marlohe | Daniel Craig
Characters: James Bond | Sévérine
From: Skyfall
Genres: Action | Adventure | Spy and Espionage

Bérénice Marlohe, as the seductive Sévérine, describes Javier Bardem's character Silva, a man she is attempting to convince James Bond to kill in order to set her free from Silva's bondage.

David Duchovny from The X-Files |

Remember, this is America boys, just because you get more votes, doesn't mean you win.

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By: David Duchovny
Characters: Fox Mulder
From: The X-Files
Genres: Cult Television | Mystery | Suspense | Television

David Duchovny, as FBI Agent Fox Mulder, is speaking to The Lone Gunmen, Richard "Ringo" Langly (Dean Haglund), Melvin Frohike (Tom Braidwood) and John Fitzgerald Byers (Bruce Harwood), during Season 8, Episode 16 of the X-Files, while they are investigating a mysterious death on the White House lawn. The man reportedly had information about an alien invasion of Earth and Mulder is seeking to find further evidence of colonization. The episode originally aired on Sunday, Apr 8, 2001.

Sylvester Stallone from The Expendables |

The man who can best get along with women, is the man who can get along without'em.

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By: Sylvester Stallone
Characters: Barney Ross
From: The Expendables
Genres: Action | Adventure

While on a mission overseas, Sylvester Stallone (as Barney Ross) is giving relationship advice to his colleague Lee Christmas (played by Jason Statham), who's getting over a recent break up.

Jamie Kennedy, Matthew Lillard from Scream |

There are certain RULES that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie.

For instance, number one: you can never have sex.

[crowd boos]

BIG NO NO! BIG NO NO! Sex equals death, okay?

Number two: you can never drink or do drugs.

[crowd cheers and raises their bottles]

The sin factor! It's a sin. It's an extension of number one.

And number three: never, ever, ever under any circumstances say, "I'll be right back." Because you won't be back.

I'm gettin' another beer, you want one?

Yeah, sure.

I'll be right back!

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By: Jamie Kennedy | Matthew Lillard
Characters: Randy (Scream) | Stuart (Scream)
From: Scream
Genres: Comedy | Horror | Thrillers

Stephen Root, Woody Harrelson from No Country for Old Men |

Carson Wells: You know... I counted the floors from here to the street. There's one missing.
Man who hires Wells: [Rolling his eyes sarcastically] We'll look into it.

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By: Stephen Root | Woody Harrelson
Characters: Carson Wells | Man who hires Wells (Stephen Root)
From: No Country for Old Men
Genres: Crime | Drama | Thrillers

Woody Harrelson's character Carson Wells is having a conversation with his employer. Wells isn't familiar with the superstition regarding the 13th floor in office buildings.

Kelly Macdonald, Tommy Lee Jones from No Country for Old Men |

Carla Jean Moss: Sheriff, was that a true story about Charlie Walser?
Ed Tom Bell: Who's Charlie Walser? Oh! Well... uh... a true story? I couldn't swear to every detail but it's certainly true that it is a story.

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By: Kelly Macdonald | Tommy Lee Jones
Characters: Carla Jean Moss | Ed Tom Bell
From: No Country for Old Men
Genres: Crime | Drama | Thrillers

Josh Brolin from No Country for Old Men |

Yeah, I'm going to bring you something, alright. I decided to make you a special project of mine. You ain't going have to come looking for me at all.

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By: Josh Brolin
Characters: Llewelyn Moss
From: No Country for Old Men
Genres: Crime | Drama | Thrillers

Josh Brolin, as Llewelyn Moss, is on the phone with a psychotic killer who has just threatened his family.

Tommy Lee Jones from No Country for Old Men |

Here last week they found this couple out in California. They rent out rooms for old people, kill' em, bury' em in the yard, cash their social security checks. Well, they'd torture 'em first. I don't know why. Maybe the television set was broke.

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By: Tommy Lee Jones
Characters: Ed Tom Bell
From: No Country for Old Men
Genres: Crime | Drama | Thrillers

Tommy Lee Jones, who plays Sheriff Ed Tom Bell, is speaking to his deputy, and gives an example of how bad crime is getting in their jurisdiction.