Times Square New York City June 1963 Photo, Dr. No and Diary of a Madman Theater Marquees [211203-1]

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    This wide-angle shot of Times Square in New York City was taken in June of 1963. The first James Bond big screen adaptation – Dr. No – was playing at Loews Astor Plaza Theatre at 1515 Broadway, with Vincent Price’s cult classic horror Diary of a Madman at the Victoria Theatre, 1547 Broadway. Across the street, Mutiny on the Bounty is playing at the Loew’s State Theatre at 1540 Broadway. Also in view are Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum and the WABC-TV Studio.

    While Dr. No was originally released in the U.K. on October 10th, 1962, the film didn’t premiere in the U.S. until May 29th, 1963, when is was released in New York and Los Angeles. Diary of a Madman was released in U.S. theaters on March 6th, 1963.