Ridley Scott retrospective starts tomorrow at Walter Reade Theater

Check out the films of filmmaker Ridley Scott before he made the highly anticipated Prometheus. A look back at Scott’s complete library of classics, favorites and Oscar nominated work includes Alien, a young Tom Cruise in Legend, Blade Runner: the Final Cut, the Nicholas Cage and Sam Rockwell grifter film Matchstick Men, and a brand new 35mm print of Thelma & Louise.

This retrospective of three-time Oscar nominee Ridley Scott features epic depictions of the ancient past and visionary glances into the distant future, while taking movie fans from the iconic expanses of the American West to the epicenter of modern-day warfare in the Middle East.

Things kick off tomorrow evening (May 25) with an open bar on the roof of the Empire Hotel at 7:30pm (44 West 63rd Street on the 12th Floor), then a 9:00pm screening of Alien at the Walter Reade Theater, located at 144 West 65th Street in New York City.

CLICK HERE for tickets and more information on the series.

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