Composer Phillip Glass’ Candyman Original 1992 Motion Picture Soundtrack Limited Vinyl Edition

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One Way Static Records proudly presents: Clive Barker’s CANDYMAN (Original 1992 Motion Picture Soundtrack by Philip Glass).

Clive Barker who wrote the story for Candyman is a multi talented artist, painter, director & producer. The extent of his work is endless. Spawning Nightbreed, Hellraiser, Lord Of Illusions and the Books Of Blood just to name a few.

Philip Glass (born in 1937) also needs no introduction. In the past 30 years he has composed more than twenty operas, eight symphonies and a multitude of concertos. Considered one of the most influential composers of the last century, Mr. Glass has had renowned collaborations with artists ranging from Allen Ginsberg, Woody Allen, Ravi Shankar, Paul Simon, Linda Ronstadt to David Bowie.

Phillip Glass has written music for experimental theater and for Academy Award-winning motion pictures such as The Hours and Martin Scorsese’s Kundun, while Koyaanisqatsi, his initial filmic landscape with Godfrey Reggio and the Philip Glass Ensemble, may be the most radical and influential mating of sound and vision since Fantasia. Other compositions include Hamburger Hill and The Truman Show. Mr. Glass was nominated for and won several Golden Globes, Bafta & Academy Awards.

Today we present to you some of Glass’ best work, the eerie minimalistic soundtrack to Clive Barker’s CANDYMAN. This release is available as a limited classic black vinyl edition (with obi strip). All versions also come with an insert containing exclusive and extensive liner notes by author Clive Barker, composer Philip Glass, director Bernard Rose and actors Tony Todd, Ted Raimi & Xander Berkeley.

Special Features

  • Soundtrack to Clive Barker's cult horror classic Candyman (1992)
  • Soundtrack by modern-classical pioneer Philip Glass
  • Limited edition black vinyl pressing with obi strip
  • Comes with insert containing exclusive liner notes


  • Music Box
  • Cabrini Green
  • Helen's Theme
  • Face to Razor
  • Floating Candyman
  • Return to Cabrini
  • It Was Always You, Helen


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    Limited Edition Black Vinyl
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