John Carter trailer helps you remember what movies are all about

Disney released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming sci-fi epic John Carter, and it’s complete with breathtaking vistas, brilliant music…oh yeah… and John Carter.

John Carter stars Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Samantha Morton, Mark Strong, Ciaran Hinds, Dominic West, James Purefoy, Daryl Sabara, Polly Walker, Bryan Cranston, with Thomas Haden Church and Willem Dafoe. The film is being produced by Jim Morris, Colin Wilson and Lindsey Collins, with a script by Stanton, Mark Andrews and Michael Chabon.

John Carter is based on the story A Princess of Mars by iconic author Edgar Rice Burroughs, and centers on the namesake character John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), who is inexplicably transported to mysterious and exotic planet Mars, and becomes embroiled in a conflict of epic proportions. he soon discovers that the survival of the planet and its people rests in his hands.

You can also CLICK HERE to watch the trailer on the official John Carter movie website.

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