Bruce Lee’s The Big Boss Original Soundtrack Album by Peter Thomas (2010) First Time on CD

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    The Big Boss (aka The Fists of Fury) was the film which started Bruce Lee’s international career. The movie premiered in Hong Kong in 1971, but its international success didn’t begin until 1973. The German distributor tried to subtly adapt the film to western visual habits. This was done mainly through an altered soundtrack. So Peter Thomas had been commissioned to conceive the new soundtrack. Soon his music virtually became the original score of The Big Boss almost worldwide. It is striking the way in which Thomas successfully integrates his music into the oriental cinematic milieu. The snappy main theme alone, with its marvellous brass section, has something of the eternal in its very essence.

    This music is released on CD for the very first time. The 20 tracks come with some rare color film stills of young Bruce Lee.