Robert Rodriguez talks Predators sequel, Sin City 2 and Mad Man comic adaptation


MovieWeb recently spoke with Robert Rodriguez about a possible sequel (or prequel) to this Friday’s Predators, Sin City 2, as well as an adaptation of Mike Allred’s Mad Man comic book.

“There are so many great ideas,” Rodriguez said about a second Predators film. “Just following Laurence Fishburne’s character (Noland) around in a prequel would be a great movie. Just the tales he tells in this movie alone, I want to see those experiences. Once you come up with the idea of a Predator Planet, that Predators use as their hunting grounds and humans are involved somehow, the story ideas that you can come up with are so numerous that you can come up with any approach. So we already have several ideas that we can go with for a sequel. They would all be good ideas but we would probably put them together to see which one rises to the top, if we made another one.”

Sin City 2 has yet to move forward, but Rodriguez says he’s still working on it. “It’s in the same place as always, I’m working on the script,” he said. “I’m trying to actually find the time to do it because I know I’m doing ‘Spy Kids 4: Armageddon’ next. But then I’ll have an open slot so [Sin City 2] could go after that.”

And finally regarding the Mad Man comic book film adaptation, the filmmaker stated “Yeah that’s still on the plate too. I love that project and I talk to Mike Allred about that all the time.”

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