Transformers History Timeline

Pre-1984 Hasbro secures the rights to many changing/converting robot brands in Japan and creates the umbrella name THE TRANSFORMERS to unite them. Takara, a Japanese toy manufacturer, saw the potential for future TRANSFORMERS growth and becomes Hasbro’s lead partner in the development of new TRANSFORMERS products. This successful alliance has lasted for more than 20 ….

Have you ever wanted to visit serial killer Buffalo Bill’s house?

The 1991 horror thriller Silence of the Lambs centers on young FBI cadet Clarice Starling, who’s been tasked to hunt down a serial killer who skins his victims. The film – which successfully hovers between crime thriller and horror slasher – has endured as one of the most iconic examples of both genres ever since ….

Stunt car used in Steve McQueen’s Bullitt may have been uncovered after 50 years

Fox News reports that one of the most legendary movie cars in Hollywood history may have been found after nearly 50 years. According to the report, the 1968 Steve McQueen cult action classic Bullitt had two Mustangs used during filming (very common practice in automotive filmmaking). In this case, one was kept neat and tidy ….

Details on Shout Factory’s feature-rich Return of the Living Dead Limited Edition release

Filmmaker Dan O’Bannon (Alien, Lifeforce) puts an uproarious spin on the zombie apocalypse movie in 1985’s cult classic The Return of the Living Dead, starring Clu Gulager (A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge), James Karen (Mulholland Drive) and Don Calfa (Weekend at Bernie’s). Considered one of the campiest undead romps of its time, ….