Film Fetish Snapshot: Lenne Cosplay

I recently did a local toy show and met Lenne, a cosplay artist with some great outfits and some great big plans to go along with them. So I couldn’t resist doing another edition of Film Fetish Snapshots. Check out the interview below, along with some photos of her amazing creations.

What is your full name and the handle you are known for in pop culture?

Eleanore Decos. Kinda old fashion I know! The named has been passed down through my Dad’s side of the family! My nickname/handle is Lenne or Lenne Cosplay! Pronounced Lenny, like Lenny Kravitz!

Where are you originally from and where do you currently reside?

I am a Jersey girl! Born and raised in Long Branch, New Jersey. Currently living in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

How did you first become interested in cosplay culture?

Well, since Halloween as a child really! But… legit cosplay fandom started for me in 2008. I heard about New York Comic Con and googled it. I attended my first con and felt so inspired by everyone!

How many years have you been doing cosplay?

I’d say just under 2 years, legit making my costumes. Prior to this, I’ve purchased costumes or pieced them together.

Have you always created your own outfits?

Not always! Everyone has gotta start somewhere! I began, piecing thwm together until almost 2 years I’ve been practicing sewing and creating my own cosplays.

Can you talk about your process of selecting a character and bringing an outfit to life?

This is where it becomes overwhelming! I am easily inspired by many charectars, cosplayers, clothing, fabric and art. I don’t know where to begin hahah! I try to work with some materials that I already have to help keep within budget. And it depends on if I have a scheduled event or photoshoot. Cosplays can take a long time to create! Ideally, I love female charectars and mythical creatures.

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Approximately how many outfits would you say that you have created in total?

Hmmmm!!!! Technically, like 8ish?! My most recent cosplay of Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII was completely made by me! The others were about 75% made by me or just pieced together.

I prefer to make all my cosplays by myself now. I love learning and enjoy expressing my creativity.

What are your favorite pop culture fandoms?

Whoooo!!! So many, omg!!! Ok, so a few favorites are, “Tenchi Muyo”, Sailor Moon series, Dragon Ball series, Gundam series, Elven Lied, Akira, Love Hina, The 5th Element, Alien, Predator, Jurassic Park, Wonder Woman, Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America… I can go on! Hahaha

Outside of the cosplay world, what are some of your interests?

Other than cosplay, I enjoy cooking, baking, adventures, hiking, sight seeing, music, concerts, art, fashion, nature, animals, singing, shopping… again, I can go on!

If you could choose a single cosplay that you have not yet done, but would like to, what or who would it be?

Ok, this is a difficult one! One of my dream cosplays is to create Rose, Dragoon Form from the video game, The Legend of Dragoon! Another one is Angewomon from Digimon!

Do you have any advice for anyone interested in getting seriously involved in cosplay culture?

Of course! Have fun with it! Don’t beat yourself up if it isn’t spot on. It takes practice ya know? Start off small, with piecing costumes and clothing together. Watch youtube tutorials, buy cosplay books to guide you with sewing and crafting. At the end of the day it’s art. And art isn’t wrong. Art is expression, pssion, emotion, perspective. Be yourself and just create. Be proud of yourself and never give up! We all start somewhere!

Find out more about Lenne’s work and see more examples of her amazing designs on her Instagram at @lennecosplay.

Photo Credit: Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII image by Stefan Lane Creative.