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Project Blue Original Nintendo Video Game Soundtrack by Toggle Switch Limited Vinyl Edition


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SKU: 210411-86278-1
UPC: 604220666529
Part No: STS081
Weight: 1.15 lbs
Condition: New

Presenting the original video game soundtrack for Project Blue, composed by acclaimed chiptune artist Toggle Switch. Earlier this year, 744 Kickstarter backers pledged over $40,000 to bring this new Nintendo Entertainment System game to life. Extra cartridge memory was allotted for the soundtrack, which is a whopping 25 minutes, with no loops.

Chilling and atmospheric, Toggle Switch’s soundtrack puts listeners right into the thick of a post-apocalyptic Hong Kong. Moody, creepy and full of surprises, this is a soundtrack game music fans won’t want to miss.

About Project Blue the Game

The game works on a real NES console!

Project Blue is an action platformer set in post-apocalyptic Hong Kong. You play as Blue, an orphaned street boy who has been kidnapped by a nefarious multi-national conglomerate as part of a secret weapons project. You must escape your captors, fight your way across Neo Hong Kong, and confront your enemies at their corporate HQ.

Aside from running and jumping, Blue can fire projectiles, bounce on trampolines, glide using parachutes, climb ladders, swim, and more. We have striven to create a dynamic main character that is fast to learn, easy to control, and fun to play.

The world of Neo Hong Kong is sprawling, with 256 screens and 4 distinctive graphic themes throughout. There are two difficulty settings as well (normal and hard), adding a significant amount of extra content, including changes to the level layout itself!

The physics and gameplay of Project Blue are strongly inspired by some of our favorite NES platformers, particularly Mega Man II and Super Mario Bros.

Special Features

  • Pressed on limited edition blue vinyl
  • Grass roots video game created by an indie studio with a real cartridge for the original NES System


  • Number of Discs: 1
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VinylSKU: 210411-86278-1
UPC: 604220666529
Part No: STS081
Weight: 1.15 lbs
Condition: New