Turkish Star Wars gets its big premiere after more than 30 years

In honor of Star Wars Day, May the 4th, here is a making of documentary for The Man Who Saves the World, aka Turkish Star Wars. But this story goes deeper than an amusing mini-documentary about a cult sci-fi fantasy.

io9 reports that in 2016, film historian Ed Glaser discovered the last remaining 35mm print of the cult classic, tucked away in a vault in Turkey. After two years of restoration, Glaser’s company Neon Harbor Entertainment created a 2K digital scan from that original negative. Neon Harbor then made this video short explaining what makes ‘Turkish Star Wars’ so special. It also shares the incredible story of how the film was made.

According to the report, the color-corrected 2K scan, along with restored missing material, is bursting into the world today, with simultaneous world premieres at the Cinema Museum in London and the CCA in Glasgow.