Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller officially start work on Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For

Its been a seriously long wait (can you believe 7 years?) but finally Dimension Films has announced that Sin City 2, which will be titled Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, has officially gone into production. After countless rumors, a press release the Weinstein Company has sent out tells fans it’s a go. Officially ….

Robert Rodriguez talks Predators sequel, Sin City 2 and Mad Man comic adaptation

MovieWeb recently spoke with Robert Rodriguez about a possible sequel (or prequel) to this Friday’s Predators, Sin City 2, as well as an adaptation of Mike Allred’s Mad Man comic book. “There are so many great ideas,” Rodriguez said about a second Predators film. “Just following Laurence Fishburne’s character (Noland) around in a prequel would ….

Rodriguez directing Predators, Machete, Sin City 2, Nervewrackers and live-action Jetsons at home in Austin

IESB today confirmed a previously reported story by Bloody-Disgusting, that Sin City director Robert Rodriguez will reboot the Predator franchise for Fox. The new film is titled Predators, and Rodriguez will apparently direct and produce the new project. He discussed Predators and other high-profile projects he’s developing at a news conference earlier today at Troublemaker ….

Angelina Jolie to be in Atlas Shrugged

According to Variety, Angelina Jolie is going to star in a film adaptation of Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged for Lionsgate films. The novel is a three part story, with the two sections following Dagny Taggart (to be played by Jolie), a no-nonsense railroad executive, and her attempt to keep her company alive despite repeated encroachment by a society falling toward collectivism, ….