VIZ to release gritty urban science fiction horror series Dorohedoro

VIZ Media is set to publish manga creator Q Hayashida’s gritty urban sci-fi/horror series, Dorohedoro next week. The new series will be distributed through the company’s VIZ Signature imprint.

Dorohedoro centers on a city so dismal it’s known only as “the Hole,” where an underground group of Sorcerers have been abducting people off the streets to use as guinea pigs for atrocious experiments in the black arts. In a dark alley, Nikaido found Caiman, a mutant man with a reptile head and a bad case of amnesia. To undo the spell, Nikaido and Caiman hunt and kill the Sorcerers in the Hole, hoping that eventually they’ll kill the right one. But when En, the head Sorcerer, gets word of a lizard-man slaughtering his people, he sends a crew of “cleaners” into the Hole, igniting a war between two worlds.

Manga creator Q Hayashida is known for her bold art style and the way she seamlessly integrates alternate universes in her stories. The artist made her manga debut with Maken X Another, which ran in Magazine Z in Japan and was subsequently adapted into a video game. She followed with a sequel, Maken X Another Jack. Dorohedoro is her latest creation and is serialized in Shogakukan’s manga magazine IKKI and is also featured on the innovative online destination


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