3-D Re-Animator film in the works, and a first look at Herbert West: Re-Animator TV series

The cast of Herbert West Re-Animator: The Series
The cast of Herbert West Re-Animator: The Series

According to horror website ShockTillYouDrop, producer Ray Haboush is developing a 3-D remake of Stuart Gordon’s 1985 sci-fi horror cult classic Re-Animator, based on the H.P. Lovecraft tale.

Haboush’s Automatic Media and Halcyon International Pictures will be shepherding the project with Brian Yuzna, producer of the original film and director of its sequels Bride of Re-Animator and Beyond Re-Animator.

Haboush and Yuzna are looking to do the remake in 3-D. There’s no word on whether actor Jeffrey Combs would return to reprise his role, or if they’ll find someone new for Herbert West’s lab coat.

Meanwhile, Fangoria has posted an exclusive first look at a new TV series based on H.P. Lovecraft’s mad scientist tome and various classic Lovecraft stories. An anonymous source sent the magazine a few exclusive pics and a synopsis of the show.

Herbert West Re-Animator: The Series acts as a prequel to the original trilogy of films, and takes place at fictional Miskatonic University, which has re-opened after 10 years of closure, because a student possessed with an uncontrollable rage, went on a murder spree that left half the campus in flames. Herbert West enters campus as a new student, who also has a secret passion that he’s relentlessly pursuing. Late at night when everyone else is gone, He conducts groundbreaking experiments, to learn the secret of life itself, and unlock the code that will allow him to reanimate the dead.

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