Nobel Son film details

Directed by Randall Miller (Bottle Shock) and written and produced by Miller and Jody Savin, Nobel Son is a venomous tale of familial dysfunction, lust, betrayal and ultimately revenge. Barkley Michaelson (Bryan Greenberg) is struggling to finish his Ph.D. thesis when his father, the learned Eli Michaelson (Alan Rickman), wins the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. But Eli’s past indiscretions begin to collide with the present. When Barkley is kidnapped on the eve of his father accepting the prize, Eli refuses to pay the ransom. So starts a game of intrigue and deception that proves that payback’s a bitch.

Nobel Son stars Alan Rickman as the deliciously contemptuous Eli Michaelson, Bryan Greenberg, Shawn Hatosy, Mary Steenburgen, Bill Pullman, Eliza Dushku and Danny DeVito. The film features original music from composer Paul Oakenfold with tracks from Spitfire, Chemical Brothers and Groove Armada. A taut thriller spiked with droll humor Nobel Son will be released by Freestyle Releasing nationwide December 5, 2008.

Below is the trailer for Nobel Son.