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Into the Night


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Filled with enough cameos to keep film buffs entertained, this cult classic action-comedy by John Landis boasts Michelle Pfeiffer as one of its major attractions. She plays Diana, a woman prone to having affairs with some very dangerous men, and Jeff Goldblum is Ed Okin, an aerospace engineer whose lot is thrown in with Diana’s when the woman is caught in a bind at the airport. The beautiful Diana is an airhead on the scale of the Hindenberg, her only concerns are clothes and men – which she either most attractively wears or wears out, depending. While Ed is at the airport one day trying to sort out his life, Diana arrives with six smuggled emeralds in tow and is immediately welcomed by several hired assassins, including a mustache-wearing David Bowie. Fear and expediency propel her into Ed’s car, and the two are off on a series of narrow escapes that has them pursued by everyone from Iranians to baddies played by well-known international directors (Roger Vadim) or singers (David Bowie) or comedians (Dan Aykroyd).

Special Features

  • The W.C. Handy award-winning documentary "B.B. King: Into the Night"
  • Widescreen Presentation


  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85.1
  • Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo
  • Language: English, Español
  • Subtitles: Español, Français
  • Runtime: 115

Cast: Ali Madani | Alma Beltran | Amy Heckerling | Andrew Marton | Art Evans | Bela Lugosi | Beruce Gramian | Beulah Quo | Bill Taylor | Bruce McGill | Bud Abbott | Cal Worthington | Carl Gottlieb | Carl Perkins | Carmen Argenziano | Christopher George | Clu Gulager | Colin Higgins | Dan Aykroyd | Daniel Petrie | David Bowie | David Cronenberg | David Sosna | Dedee Pfeiffer | Diane Roberts | Dick Balduzzi | Domingo Ambriz | Don Siegel | Eddy Donno | Elizabeth Solorzano | Eric Lee | Erica Sakai | Gene Whittington | Hadi Sadjadi | Hassan Ildari | Hope Clarke | Houshang Touzie | Irene Papas | Jack Arnold | Jake Steinfeld | Jean Pelton | Jeff Goldblum | Jim Bentley | Jim Henson | John Hostetter | John Landis | John Roberts | Jon Stephen Fink | Jonathan Demme | Jonathan Kaufer | Jonathan Lynn | Kathryn Harrold | Lawrence Kasdan | Lon Chaney Jr. | Lou Costello | Mark L. Levine | Michael Zand | Michelle Pfeiffer | Patricia Gaul | Paul Bartel | Paul Mazursky | Peggy McIntaggart | Pete Ellis | Reid Smith | Richard Farnsworth | Richard Franklin | Rick Baker | Robert LaBassiere | Robert Moberly | Robert Paynter | Robert Traynor | Roger Vadim | Rory Barish | Rusdi Lane | Saul Kahan | Slavka | Stacey Pickren | Sue Bowser | Sue Dugan | Tracy Hutchinson | Vera Miles | Viola Kates Stimpson | Waldo Salt | Wes Dawn | William B. Kaplan | Yacub Salih | Zoreh Ramsey
Directors: John Landis

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