The trailer for It’s Alive…again


Scene from Its Alive
Scene from It's Alive
While I’m busy transfering my old reviews over to the new web layout, the crew at Bloody Disgusting have unearthed a long-ass trailer for a remake of one of the scariest films from my subversive childhood. I didn’t see the film when it first hit theaters in 1974, but my older brother took me only a few years later, at a re-release in my local grindhouse cinema. After that I looked for it for years in the VHS era, then found it at a flea market. Why we seek what scares us most, I’ll never know.

Anyway, the Josef Rusnak-helmed It’s Alive remake, doesn’t have an official release date yet. Maybe it will wind up on DVD too. Rusnak previously directed The Thirteenth Floor, Perfect Life and The Art of War II: Betrayal.

Check out the trailer below.

In case that embed is removed from the web, CLICK HERE for a link to a small version of the first trailer for the film, which I actually like better.

Film Fetish Trivia: Cult cinema legend Larry Cohen, who directed the original It’s Alive in 1974, also directed the Blaxploitation films Black Caesar and Hell Up in Harlem, both of which were released in 1973, and starred Fred Williamson.

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