Stargate gets a Universe


Poster for Stargate Continuum
Poster for Stargate Continuum
Stargate fans must just be ecstatic right now. First, the release of Stargate: Continuum at San Diego Comic-Con, which reunites the whole SG-1 crew, including Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Beau Bridges, Richard Dean Anderson and Don S. Davis – and, while Stargate: Atlantis will not renew as a series, and shift to possible TV movie or two on the Sci-Fi Channel, I just read on a Hollywood Reporter blog by James Hibberd, that Sci-Fi has picked up the spin-off series Stargate: Universe.

According to statements from creators of the SG-1 and Atlantis TV series, Universe will premiere as a two-hour movie early next year and assume an hourly time slot later in the summer.

The new show introduces a team of explorers who find an ancient unmanned ship called the Destiny. Unable to return to Earth, they find themselves stuck aboard the ship, which is pre-programmed to take them to far-off reaches of the universe.

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