Doom Film Storyboards on Net

Originally Published: February 25, 2005

One of the artists working on the Doom film art work, has posted some storyboards he designed for the action scenes on his web site. From the look of the boards, producers are very interested in staying true to the feel of the game.

The film version’s story revolves around a Special Ops squadron that answers a distress call from a science lab on the planet Olduvai. Their investigation reveals that a series of mutant beings are systematically killing off the population there.

Stars of the film include Karl Urban, Dhobi Oparei and The Rock as Sarge.

The Rock is also attached to the film version of another popular classic shooter: Spy Hunter. His other current project, Be Cool will hit theaters on March 4.

The boards can be viewed at these links:

Storyboard 1
Storyboard 2

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