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Concept art for Conan Red Nails by Michael Kaluta
Concept art for Conan Red Nails by Michael Kaluta
As Lionsgate and Millennium hire Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain, writers of the upcoming sci-fi film Outlander, to rework the script for $100 million R-rated Conan movie, due out in 2010, a more kid-friendly version of the legendary Cimmerian is also on the way. Paradox Entertainment and director Victor Dal Chele have been developing the first-ever animated Conan feature, based on Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Red Nails. The much-delayed film doesn’t have a firm release date as of yet, but hopefully, we’ll see it sometime nest year.

In the upcoming animated movie, Conan (voiced by Hellboy Ron Perlman) battles man, monster, and magic in his first ever animated motion picture.

After a brutal war in the evil land of Stygia, Conan crosses harsh desert and trackless jungle with Valeria, a blonde, sexy and very dangerous buccaneer. Together, they stumble across Xuchotl, a fabulous lost city rising from the burning sands — where no city should ever exist. Even more ominous is the creature guarding the city’s black walls: a huge, monstrous dragon resurrected from ancient bones.

Escaping to the jeweled city, Conan and Valeria find themselves ensnared in a grisly tribal feud between its only inhabitants. However, all is not what it seems as the duo quickly realizes their allies, the crafty Prince Olmec and the lush, exquisitely beautiful Princess Tascela, each have separate agendas and very different, perhaps sinister plans for the newcomers.

As Conan and Valeria peel back the layers of horror and mystery, including confrontations with The Burning Skull and the Pipes of Madness, they discover the city’s awful truth: Xuchotl is an open gate, a doorway built over timeless catacombs leading strait to the deepest pits of hell.

Conan: Red Nails, also features the voice talents of Marg Helgenberger , James Marsden, Clancy Brown and Mark Hamill.

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