Soldiers of the Dead movie synopsis


SOD Part 1 synopsis
Based in the future, the world as we know it has been destroyed. Menacing gangs loot the cities searching for new members. The most notorious of the these gangs is known as Helman’s Death Squad. Helman a female slave trader searches for female fighters to compete in his Arena of Death. Winners have a chance of escaping their slavery by leading by his side as his queen. Adriana Zarcova, Helman’s most prized possession tires of her boyfriend’s love affairs and decides to start her own organization when she accidentally stumbles upon secret government plans to create super soldiers of the undead. Adriana uses her newfound plan to to raise a super army of the Undead to crush her boyfriends most prized female fighters. Alone and outnumbered the Actiongirls must battle Zarcova’a growing army of dead soldiers in a fight to the finish.

SOD (Soldiers of the Dead) has a production budget of 5 million US dollars with over 110 shooting days. The movie was produced and financed by Scotty JX. An independent producer, Scotty is currently accepting offers for theatrical release and looking for a sales agent or studio that may be interested in the movie. The film was shot entirely on HD and is available as an HD Master.

The film is fully edited and ready for release.The R version has not yet been submitted to MPAA. We would like first to see who is interested in movie for theatrical distribution. The running time on both the R and Uncut are 90 mins.

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