Andy Lau Directing Richard Gere in Thriller


Andy Lau, director of the seminal Infernal Affairs trilogy, as well as Bullets of Love, and Young and Dangerous, is directing Richard Gere and Claire Danes in a film called The Flock. The psychological thriller revolves around a hyper-vigilant agent (played by Gere) and his female protégé (Claire Danes),who must track down a missing girl. Working against the clock they unravel the twisted details to track the potential killer.

The film also stars Avril Lavigne, Frank Bond, Ed Ackerman and Dwayne L. Barnes.

Sounds like a solid first U.S.-based project for Lau, whose Infernal Affairs is already a classic in Asia, and is being remade by director Martin Scorsese, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon. That project is called The Departed.