Jay-Z Inspired Hip-Hop Musical to Premiere at Urbanworld

“I was inspired by Jay-Z to make this film,” says Daron Fordham, writer and director of Confessions of a Thug, a hip-hop musical premiering at this yearsUrbanworld Vibe Film Festival being held June 21-25 in New York City.

Confessions of a Thug is a gritty, underground psychological exploration into the mind of a college educated street hustler named South Boy (Daron Fordham) who becomes unfulfilled in his life of crime.

“The main character of this film combines a powerful street persona with a deep intellectual side to create a new type of urban legend. In business, Jay-Z combines his street credibility with the corporate world to achieve massive success so I used Jay-Z’s image as a basis to create this film,” says Fordham, who also stars in the hip-hop musical.

Jay-Z has sold over 10 million records and is currently the President Of Def Jam Records.

Produced by Raymond Forchion, Confessions of a Thug also stars platinum-selling rap artists J.T. Money and The Lady Of Rage.

In addition to Confessions of a Thug, the 2006 Urbanworld Vibe Film Festival will screen over 60 new features, documentaries, shorts and music videos.

For more info on the Urbanworld Vibe Film Festival go to www.urbanworld.com

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