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Ennio Morricone – A Time to Die Limited Edition Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture


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SKU: 170226-63350-1
UPC: 712187883634
Part No: BSXCD8836
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Set in the final days of the Second World War, A TIME TO DIE tells the story of Michael Rogan, a young American revolutionary (Edward Albert) who loses his wife and comrades in a Nazi raid on his village. After being left for dead by the cruel Colonel (Rex Harrison) responsible for the massacre, Rogan goes on a quest for vengeance after the War is over, killing off his former German captors, one at a time. A TIME TO DIE features music composed by the great Ennio Morricone, here continuing a creative relationship with director Matt Cimber that included two other films, BUTTERFLY and HUNDRA. A TIME TO DIE was based on a novel by Mario Puzo, who’s best known for writing the novel THE GODFATHER trilogy was based on.

Born in Rome on November 10th, 1928 , Morricone studied at Rome ‘s Santa Cecilia Conservatory in his formative years, where he specialized in the trumpet and composition. Although his name will always be synonymous with the Spaghetti Western, Morricone has also contributed to a huge range of film genres, making him one of the film world’s most versatile artists. He has written nearly 400 scores for films such as THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY, BATTLE OF ALGIERS, ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, THE MISSION, THE UNTOUCHABLES, BUGSY, CINEMA PARADISO, and many, many others, not to mention his legendary collaboration with Sergio Leone across six films. He has been nominated multiple times for Oscars and Golden Globes. He is the winner of several Golden Globes and finally received an honorary Oscar in 2007 for his magnificent and multifaceted contributions to the art of film music. BSX Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack to A TIME TO DIE, featuring music composed and conducted by Ennio Morricone. While the film also contained additional music composed by Robert O. Ragland, this release only contains Morricone’s contributions to the film.



  • Runtime: 32
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Language: English

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CDSKU: 170226-63350-1
UPC: 712187883634
Part No: BSXCD8836
Weight: 0.12 lbs
Condition: New