The World Wars: The Complete History of WWI and WWII 12-Disc DVD Box Set

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Both comprehensive and intimate, THE WORLD WARS: THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF WWI AND WWII is a survey of some of history’s most critical engagements, a broad collection of documentary programming that details the world-changing events of World War I and World War II, including the battles and strategies, the men and machines, and the horror and heroism that marked these epic conflicts. Experience in WWI: The Great War the birth of the “War To End All Wars” and the tragic, final day on November 11, when over 13,000 men died. In the four-year period from 1914-1918, the war was responsible for over 40 million casualties and over 20 million deaths. And see the momentous triumphs and most bitter defeats of the second World War in Ultimate Collections: World War II, an anthology of the most significant war of the 20th century featuring original archival footage, interviews with military experts and historians, and gripping reenactments.

Special Features

  • THE WORLD WARS: THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF WWI AND WWII contains the following programs
  • DISC 1: Weapons at War: Most Decorated: The Doughboys / WWI: Death of Glory / Declassified: Secrets of WWI
    DISC 2: Dogfights: The First Dogfighters / Man, Moment, Machine: Red Baron and the Wings of Death / Weapons at War: Airships / Deep Sea Detectives: Mystery U-Boat of WWI
    DISC 3: Battlefield Detectives: WWI: Jutland / Battlefield Detectives: WWI: The Somme / John J. Pershing: The Iron General
    DISC 4: Dear Home: Letters from WWI / Last Day of WWI: 11th Month, 11th Day, 11th Hour
    DISC 5: WWII: The War In Europe, Part 1 - The Greatest Conflict / North Africa The Desert War / The Beachhead at Anzio / D-Day The Normandy Invasion
    DISC 6: WWII: The War In Europe, Part 2 - Pursuit to the Rhine / The Bomber Offensive: Air War in Europe / The Battle of the Bulge / The Battle of Germany
    DISC 7: WWII: The War In The Pacific, Part 1 - Island Hopping: The Road Back / Jungle Warfare: New Guinea to Burma / Air War in the Pacific / The Bloody Ridges of Peleliu
    DISC 8: WWII: The War In The Pacific, Part 2 - The Return to the Philippines / Okinawa The Last Battle / Biography: Admiral William "Bull" Halsey: Naval Warrior
    DISC 9: Biography: General Douglas MacArthur: Return of a Legend
    DISC 10: Okinawa: The Final Battle
    DISC 11: Empires of Industry: War Planes Of World War II
    DISC 12: Nuremberg: Tyranny On Trial


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