District B13 U.S. Teaser Trailer


Paris isn’t the open, artistic city it is now in 2010, according to District B13. No… The ghettos of Paris have surrounded by concrete barriers, keeping people in… and out. That is, until a nuclear bomb gets hijacked by a drug gang, looking to sell it on the black market. The real strength of District B13 is the amazing artistry of stars David Belle and Cyril Raffaelli, pioneers of a martial art form known as Parkour. District B13 showcases the urban art Parkour, which has been said to be like skateboarding without a skateboard. Actors Cyril Raffaelli and David Belle are also gifted stuntmen who painstakingly choreographed each stunt to serve the story. It’s simply a film that can’t be missed by action lovers. It’s an adrenaline shot in the form of a movie, and it will definitely remind the viewer of films like Ong Bak.

I had the opportunity to see Belle and Raffaelli in action earlier this week, in New York City, along with members of NYParkour, local Traceurs who faithfully practice the art form. I will be posting some clips from the event in our new video streaming section in a few days. In the meantime, to wet your appetite, I have posted a link to some great shots from film, and the new U.S. teaser trailer.

You can see it all in the Film Library RIGHT HERE

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