Weinsteins Get The Shivers

The Weinstein Company announced that its Dimension Films unit has bought the script “Shiver,” written by Mikey Wigart. Michael*Cuesta is set to produce and direct the thriller for the company. “Shiver” is based on a true story about a group of New*Year’s Eve revelers who get in a car wreck and are stranded in a Minnesota*snowstorm when they stumble upon a nearby home, whose occupant happens to be a widowed doctor obsessed with torture as a scientific study. Michael Cuesta said, “What I like about “Shiver” and the horror genre is that when it’s done honestly, with serious intent, it can tap into the social fears and anxieties of our time.* I find that exploring the grotesque, the abhorrent, and what disturbs us, is a chance to convey some universal truths about us and our society.”

Bob Weinstein stated, “Shiver is a perfect match for Dimension and we could not be more excited to collaborate with Michael Cuesta on bringing this terrifying script to life.”