Logan’s Run and Wonder Woman Updates

Producer Joel Silver (V for Vendetta) recently talked to SCI FI Wire about several of his high-profile genre films that are in various stages of development. 

“The next one up is The Reaping, with Hilary Swank and directed by Stephen Hopkins, which is a supernatural thriller,” Silver said in an interview. Silver previously tapped Hopkins to direct Predator 2 and several episodes of TV’s Tales From the Crypt. “And that will be out in the summer.” 

The sci-fi movie The Visiting will debut either in the fall or early next year, he added. “That’s with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, and directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel,” he said. 

As for the eagerly anticipated Logan’s Run and Wonder Woman, both of which are Silver Pictures productions? Silver reported that they’re moving forward, but slowly. “Those pictures are very active,” he said. “Logan’s, we’re trying to put that together now. It will hopefully go in the fall, with director Bryan Singer (Superman Returns, X Men 1 and 2). And Joss Whedon (Serenity) is writing Wonder Woman. Hopefully, we’ll have a script very soon on Wonder Woman. I want to make that, too.”

Meanwhile, V for Vendetta opens on March 17.